California Costumes Men’s Adult Hercules Costume Review!

California Costumes Men’s Adult Hercules Costume Review!

The man, the myth, and the ultimate legend. Halloween night is a time where you can escape reality and become the person you always wanted to be. For some, that may be a scary jester or crazy knight, for the mightiest of us, we want to be Hercules. Hercules is the ultimate strong man out there. When you think of comparing yourself to someone ancient and large, Hercules just pops up in your mind. This zero to hero guy can easily be you overnight! This costume makes a great Hercules. Or, if you want to be a spartan or roman soldier, you could use the costume for that too. This comes with everything you may need to become the hero of your dreams. You won’t be disappointed with this costume for only $32.52.

Best Features

Great thing about this costume is it gives you instant abs. The molded vinyl breastplate and armor provide you with muscles that you may or may not have. It also comes with everything you need to be a realistic Hercules. This costume is made from good quality and strong materials so you needn’t worry about something breaking or tearing. The stitching on the costume all looks good and doesn’t look like it’s from somewhere like Walmart or target. The costume is unlike many others on the market and it is a unique choice for Halloween night.

What’s Included

When you purchase this Hercules costume, you get everything you need to go out and have a blast. The costume includes the tunic, the vinyl body armor, the cape, leg guards, wrist guards, and headband. The only other thing you may want is a sword, but it’s completely optional and doesn’t come with the costume purchase.


The good thing about this costume is it’s fairly cheap. For how well everything is made, you only have to pay about $30. Also, the costume is unique. You won’t see people walking around with this same version of Hercules that you have. The body armor is made from vinyl, which is a cool addition compared to other Hercules costumes on the market. Some costumes come with foam muscles or cheap plastic armor which ends up looking fake and tacky. This costume keeps up it’s class and makes the person wearing it look like a million bucks.


The only downside is it doesn’t come with a sword. Also, it can get a little cold throughout the night if you live in a colder area.

Final Verdict

I absolutely would buy this costume. It is really well made and I find it completely unique compared to the other Hercules costumes I have seen. The small details like having the armor made from vinyl is what really sold me. It comes with everything you need to look like a legit roman soldier, all down to the leg guards that look like sandals. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this and you shouldn’t either. You will be glad you purchased this costume once you receive it.

California Costumes Men's Adult Hercules Costume Review!
The Good
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine wash in cold water. Delicate cycle. Tumble dry low. Use cool iron.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash cold water on delicate cycle, tumble dry low, use cool iron, no bleach
The Bad
  • Doesn't come with a sword


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