California Costumes Men’s Deluxe Classic Toga Set Review!

California Costumes Men’s Deluxe Classic Toga Set Review!

Why are cool dude Halloween costumes so hard to find? Halloween always seems to be directed to girls and so when I searched online and found the weirdest Halloween costumes for men I was taken aback. I just wanted a comfortable and cool Halloween costume I could wear to the parties I had coming up. I needed one that would be easy to wash, easy to wear, and easy to put on. This toga costume fit the bill for me. Sure, it’s a simple costume but it is in its simplicity that it had me sold. This cream colored toga is the bro costume of your dreams. If you are lucky enough to have a frat party coming up that is toga themed, you won’t be disappointed in this purchase. Don’t just grab a bed sheet and create your own, that looks tacky and dumb. This toga costume is easy to wear and looks great.

Best Features

The colors of this toga are great. It doesn’t have anything overly bright or shiny, which was a no go for me. This toga is really comfortable and may have you rethinking that wearing a dress is bad. You don’t need anything additional with this costume, just throw on some sandals and you’re good to go. The outfit is one size fits all. It is 11.5” high and 1.5” wide. It is made from 100% polyester and can be hand washed when you get a stain on it.

What’s Included

For $18.89 you are getting the one size toga, belt, wrist cuffs.


The outfit is simple but is made from really good material. You can just feel the thickness of the material when you get the package in the mail. It is cream colored like a traditional toga and really looks like it came just from Greece. Also, California Costumes is a large brand so I felt good about ordering from them. I had the perfect sandals to pair with this and I was glad it came with the wrist cuffs. Those just add another layer of legitimateness to the toga costume.

Final Verdict

All in all, I would buy this again if I had to choose. I think the price was worth it because the toga was a high quality toga. Everything feels really good on it and I liked the muted colors. Men’s costumes are hard to find. I wanted it to be easy and so I picked out a great looking toga. I would do it again.

California Costumes Men's Deluxe Classic Toga Set Review!
The Good
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Hand Washable
  • Tunic
  • Belt
  • Wrist cuffs
The Bad
  • Nothing to report


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