California Costumes Men’s Horror Robe Costume Review!

California Costumes Men’s Horror Robe Costume Review!

If you’d rather have a cool and scary costume than a “cute” costume, this will be the one for you. Easily hide in the shadows of your own yard and scare the cute trick or treaters before giving them some of their favorite candy! This costume will also allow you to win those costume contests by covering up any flaws on your body. Just kidding about your flaws, but seriously, this costume is a great costume for under $20. For just $19.94, you get everything you need to be a scary lord of death or ghost. It’s all black so you’ll blend into the cool shadows of Halloween night. Plus, if you don’t want your friends and family to know it’s you, the tear away face cover is perfect! You can easily see through it but you can hide who you are.

Best Features

Hands down, the velcro tear away face cover is the coolest part. However, the robe is pretty sweet too. It’s made of polyester so it is a little bit on the heavy side but it’s not itchy, which is pretty nice. It fits a bunch of different body types and comes in multiple sizes to fit everyone looking for a cool costume.

What’s Included

When you purchase this horror robe costume you get the robe that you need, the attached hood to go over your head, and the velcro tear away face cover.


This costume comes with everything you need to be the cool horror lord of death that you are. The material is see through on the sleeves and when hit with all those Halloween strobe lights, you’ll look like the scariest person alive. It’s perfect for a Halloween party or even a night in a haunted house! If you love scaring your neighborhood kids and have the scariest house on the block, you need this costume to complete your look.


The only thing this costume doesn’t come with is a grim reaper ax. If you weren’t planning on being a grim reaper, this won’t matter. If you are, you need to purchase the accessory separately. But, since the costume is so cheap at $19.94, it shouldn’t be a problem to grab the accessory.

Final Verdict

I would not hesitate to purchase this costume again. If you hate spending money on a costume you only wear once, this is the perfect option for under $20. You end up spending less on this than if you were to go to dinner and a movie. This will definitely get you compliments come Halloween night when you are covered head to toe in black. Seriously, you will not regret getting this costume at the price it is. It fits great, looks great, and is pretty breathable considering the polyester. I would buy it again.

California Costumes Men's Horror Robe Costume Review!
The Good
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Robe with attached hood w/velcro tear away face cover
The Bad
  • Doesn’t come with a grim reaper ax


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