California Costumes Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume Review!

California Costumes Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume Review!

It’s time for us women to show off when Halloween comes around! Don’t cover yourself from head to toe in one of those drab costumes, this costume is super unique and can be made into multiple different characters. This costume is named lethal beauty, which isn’t a bad thing to be. However, this costume would make the perfect fairy of Poison Ivy super hero too. You can choose to wear the costume as is or you can throw it together with a few different accessories and become something completely different. You can wear this costume for multiple nights and keep changing the character that you are. For just $23.03, you get a costume that is easily transformable.

Best Features

This costume has a bunch of small detailing that really makes the outfit pop. My favorite item are the tights that have leaves strewn across them. I haven’t seen tights like those on any other costume and everything about this costume is unique. It is made from polyester but has a silky and velvety feel to it. I didn’t find it itchy at all. I love the color and the green is a nice and deep forest green.

What’s Included

This costume comes with almost everything you need. It comes with the dress, mask, gloves, boot covers, leggings, and detachable train. The only thing you need is a red mask to go with it.


This costume is really well made. It doesn’t feel flimsy or like it could tear or come apart at all. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to wear it for multiple parties and events with no problem. This costume is also really unique and can be made into multiple characters. Even if there was someone else wearing a similar costume, which the chance is already small, by adding a few accessories you could be something completely different. It is easily transformable and you don’t have to worry about being the same as everyone else.


The only downside to this costume is it doesn’t come with the wig. I think the red hair really makes this costume so you have to buy the wig separately.

Final Verdict

All in all, for $23 you are not going to find a better and more unique costume. This costume comes in multiple sizes so that a bunch of different women can fit in it. The dress is also a little adjustable so if your size is a little small or big, it will most likely still adjust to your body. The mask is fun to wear and you will feel like you’re at a fancy masquerade. Seriously, this costume is cool, easy to wear, and it’s also pretty sexy. If you want to transform yourself into “lethal beauty” then this costume is the one that will do it for you. I highly recommend this costume and

California Costumes Women's Lethal Beauty Costume Review!
The Good
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Adjustable dress, mask, glovelettes, boot covers, leggings, detachable train
The Bad
  • Doesn’t come with the wig


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