Dreamgirl Women’s Catwoman Costume Review!

Dreamgirl Women’s Catwoman Costume Review!

If you thought Catwoman couldn’t get any sexier, you haven’t seen this Dreamgirl costume. This costume is the epitome of sexy. It is tight, just revealing enough, and will hug every curve on your body. Halloween is a time to look good and dress up as someone else. If you don’t look sexy, did you even dress up? If you are wanting to win the costume contest at your Halloween party, this costume will knock everyone else out of the competition. Once anyone sets eyes on you, they will be smitten. This costume has everything you could possibly want in a Halloween costume all rolled up into a sexy Catwoman costume.

Best Features

The jumpsuit is made from 100% polyester. It comes with daring cut outs on the top and rips that are placed high up on the thighs. The zipper on the front gives the jumpsuit easy access to get in and out of. It comes in sizes small to extra large and each size looks sexy. Paired with your favorite black heels or tall boots and you are set to go out to the costume parties being thrown that night. Whether you are in high school or in your 40’s, this costume will look great on you. It hugs all the right places and holds everything in.

What’s Included

Besides the feeling of being totally sexy, this costume comes with the jumpsuit, attached tail, belt, and mask. You don’t need anything else except shoes!


This costume is the sexiest version of catwoman you will find. The cutouts make the costume more revealing and for larger chested ladies it becomes even more revealing. The cutouts go from the chest to the shoulders. The attached tail is nice and easy because you don’t have to worry about it falling off or anything. The zipper is a lifesaver. Seriously, if you have ever worn a jumpsuit for Halloween you know how hard it is to get yourself in them. So many jumpsuits come without a zipper and it’s nearly impossible to get into unless you jump off the roof of your house into it. This jumpsuit’s zipper makes it much easier. You can get a tighter and better fit because it unzips. The cuts in the high allow some great airflow throughout the night and they are sealed off so they won’t rip further. The black is heavy duty and not see through like many other costumes.


The price of $35.28 may be a little high for some. However, because the costume is so well made I think it is worth it.

Final Verdict

If you want a really sexy costume that is slightly revealing, this Catwoman costume is it. You can be a superhero and still be dressed sexy. Everyone will want to take you home at the end of the night with this costume on. You will not regret your purchase, even if you think the price is a little high. I would definitely purchase this again.

Dreamgirl Women's Catwoman Costume Review!
The Good
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Hand Washable
  • Smoking hot, sexy jumpsuit has cut sleeve and chest section with rips strategically placed on the legs
  • Includes cat ears headpiece with mask and belt
  • Whip and jewelry not included
The Bad
  • The price of $35.28 may be a little high for some


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