Frozen Inspired Dress Review!

Frozen Inspired Dress Review!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. While little girls dress up daily, this special costume should be reserved for Halloween night. It is the perfect costume for your little girl to dance around and sing in while going trick or treating. Costumes from the Disney store can be expensive and every girl in the neighborhood ends up with the same dress. Save yourself some money and help your daughter be unique by spending just $29.95 on this Frozen inspired dress. She will love it all the same and she will stand out from the rest of the girls in the neighborhood.

Best Features

The great thing about this dress is it has it all. You get all the accessories with the dress purchase. The dress comes in sizes 4-9 years old so your little girl can wear it. The dress is really pretty and looks like it came straight from the movie. The top is made of sheer material and the sleeves are see through. The dress itself is sparkly and adorned with a pretty crystal jewel on the front of it. The gloves are silky smooth and your daughter will love feeling just like Elsa.

What’s Included

Unlike those expensive Disney costumes that come with no accessories, this costume comes with everything you need. You get the beautiful dress, tiara, wand, hair braid, and gloves. Your daughter just needs some shoes!


Like I mentioned before, this costume comes with everything you need. For under $30, that’s an absolute steal. Your daughter will love the extra accessories that the other girls in the neighborhood do not have. It comes with everything you need and it is high quality. The dress also has a zipper, which makes it a lot easier to put on and take off. The material is a lot nicer than I expected. It is a silky and soft material that isn’t too itchy for my daughter to wear all night long. The colors are beautiful and exact replicas of what Elsa was wearing in Frozen.


The dress is a little long for smaller girls. It may drag on the floor and get it dirty so be aware of this. I wouldn’t want any princesses tripping on Halloween night!

Final Verdict

For everything you get, I couldn’t say no to this Frozen inspired dress. It seriously looks just like Elsa but doesn’t cost as much as what you will find at the Disney store. The extra accessories are a great bonus that every little girl will love. Don’t be hesitant to purchase it, seriously it is great! I would not hesitate to purchase it again and highly recommend it to anyone considering this costume for their daughter.

Frozen Inspired Dress Review!
The Good
  • 5-Piece Elsa: Dress featuring non-itchy design side zipper, tiara, wand, braids and gloves.
  • Not a Disney product.
  • Assembly required.
  • Spot Clean Only.
The Bad
  • The dress is a little long for smaller girls


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